Monthly Archives: March 2015

Low or No-Subsidy, Self-Sustaining Community Recreation Center

Designer Brian Beckler on the center's contextual design influences:   “The rock formations and landscape of the Badlands have a very distinct look and texture. We wanted to emulate the color palette and richness of the area to create something interesting, but also familiar,” he says. Burnt orange, red, burgundy and black from the banded…
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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure in the Architectural Workplace

If you've ever tried to open a Revit file from GoToMyPC, if you've often waited patiently for your CAD files to load when you're trying to work from home, if you've cursed silently (or loudly) at the functionality of your computer while you're on the road - then we need to talk about a new…
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Lessons Learned in Exercise Studio Design

Group exercise studios are crucial to member experience, but many studios are poorly designed. Prior to construction or renovation, club owners should keep the 10 general principles of planning and design in mind: Size & shape User capacity can be figured at 50 square feet of open floor per occupant Room shape should be conceived…
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