Monthly Archives: May 2015

The Medical Fitness Imperative – Post 5

Post 5 - Development - Gaining Organizational Support AN IN-DEPTH SERIES ABOUT THE HOWS AND WHYS OF MEDICALLY-BASED FITNESS AND WELLNESS - Hervey Lavoie, F-MFA   Building support in a large healthcare organization for the idea that 70% of serious illness can be prevented, that maintaining community health is an essential component of a hospital's core mission…
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Another Travel Day, Another Hotel Stay

Whew…..another evening flight from LAX to PHX. Another cab ride to Gainey Ranch. Another pre-boarding sub sandwich. Another cab ride. Another hotel room. Hi, I’m Jeannette Thompson, MBA, and Western Region Sales Manager for a name-brand pharmaceutical company. I love my job, but it’s been two weeks since I slept in my own bed in…
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