Integrated Medical Fitness Centers

In 1985, OLC completed design work on one of the nation’s first Integrated Medical Fitness Centers (IMFC) for Condell Medical Center in Libertyville, Illinois. Fast forward to 2013 and find 39 more IMFCs completed by OLC for healthcare institutions ranging from Boston to San Diego. It has been OLC’s privilege to play a pioneering role in the birth of an industry – our work has set a standard of excellence and operational success for a building type that did not even exist before 1985.  And it is worthy of note that even now, 28 years later, every OLC-designed medical fitness center remains operationally active and financially sustainable.

One might think that our deep experience would make all of these facilities very similar to each other. Quite the contrary – it is that experience that influences the differentiating forces of each building.  It is our commitment to design excellence that allows each of these 40 centers to be unique in the meaningful ways that create a fit-to-purpose, design solution. Each facility is a one-of-a-kind design, customized to fit the mission, market, program and operational model established by the individual healthcare entity.