Today, recreation centers are a staple in neighborhoods across the country, but go back 20 years and the not-for-profit concept was almost non-existent. So when OLC was hired to design our first public recreation project, we drew upon ideas and beliefs forged from our for-profit club experience, repurposed to better fit the public sector.  Fast forward to present day, and we still believe in the importance of an open design plan and maximizing every dollar invested.  We continue to think through the ideal user experience and provide a smooth, intuitive flow through the facility, all the while capitalizing on breathtaking outdoor views.

In these last few decades, we’ve built upon our extensive experience and come to understand the importance that historical reference, site context and free-versus-paid access zones all have in a successful recreation facility.  These days, we continue to approach every project with bright, fresh eyes and an awareness that each community is different from the rest. We delight in the opportunity to bring our playful excitement, design expertise and lessons learned through 1.5 million built square feet of recreation facilities, to your project today.