Somewhere along the way, we grew up and life got busy, complicated and demanding.  What was once a naturally peaceful existence now must be fashioned and carefully crafted in hopes of returning one to such youthful euphoria.  It is this very aspiration that lures us into the calmness offered from the spa, a space that we at OLC believe is not just a component or a facet of a facility, but an oasis, a complete destination and sanctuary for those seeking relief from the stresses of life.

Upon entering the spa, one should immediately experience a sense of quiet, expansive harmony, peace and relaxation, despite the chaos occurring outside its doors.  It is for this reason our designers have extensively researched solutions for noise abatement and always consider placement of mechanical components necessary for the treatment rooms.  We want to deliver not simply a service or treatment, but instead facilitate an extraordinarily tranquil experience.

Our in-house aquatic team often steps in to assist with the integration of aquatic elements such as water therapy and whirlpools.  A strong grasp of operational practices also helps our designers maximize revenue opportunities out of limited square footage.  Combine all this with a scholarly understanding of interior design principles, such as the effect of color on emotional states, and Eastern holistic design principles like feng shui, and it is no surprise the success of OLC’s dynamic spa designs have garnered international acclaim.