Campus life has changed over the years, and students these days have more options than ever when it comes to choosing their next higher education destination.  Campus master plans often include a student recreation center with integrated programs that focus on student wellness.  Student recreation centers are one building that has the power to have an immediate impact on campus life - changing the way students move through campus and even how they set their schedules. A successful design team can focus on the big picture of university master planning, to ensure that the recreation center will integrate flawlessly within the context of the campus. At the same time our professionals know that facility operations, maintenance and upkeep are a critical part to the detailed picture to ensure that a facility is not only built right, but maintainable and durable for many years.

OLC's architects translate the planning phase into a thriving facility program through a number of interactive and collaborative stakeholder meetings that include students, administration, athletics, facility management and even alumni. These meetings are essential in order to gather every group's input and allow the design solution to take shape. We purposefully engage all parties early and often, knowing from our past experience that crucial parts of the puzzle may lie with a single program, an entire committee or even a maintenance person.  We also respect that a student recreation center would not be possible without partnerships, donations and dedicated students.

Ultimately, a successful recreation or wellness center will enhance the fabric of the campus and support the school's mission. We are confident that OLC’s involvement will result in a seamless planning and design process that culminates with an exceptional recreation facility for all involved parties.