Another Travel Day, Another Hotel Stay


Whew…..another evening flight from LAX to PHX. Another cab ride to Gainey Ranch. Another pre-boarding sub sandwich. Another cab ride. Another hotel room.

Hi, I’m Jeannette Thompson, MBA, and Western Region Sales Manager for a name-brand pharmaceutical company. I love my job, but it’s been two weeks since I slept in my own bed in San Francisco. First to Seattle, than to San Diego, to Las Vegas, to Denver, and now to Phoenix... I’m beat. The image I project is essential to my success, and I look on the mirror and see bags under my eyes (not to mention the other bags appearing in unmentionable places). My nutrition has gone to pot, sleep is non-existent, and my work is piling up… my gym routine is on permanent hold.

It’s funny how all these thoughts raced through my mind each and every leg of this trip until I walked into this hotel. From the front door to my room, I felt like I was in a five-star resort spa. This place is like a breath of fresh air just off Scottsdale Blvd.

Here, laying on my bed, I realize all those travel hassles have melted away. My room looks, feels, and smells like a spa! I believe this is the most unique guestroom I have ever stayed in, and was a huge factor in my hotel selection. The whole idea revolves around the seven elements of complete wellness. The side of the room I’m in now (with the bed) is dedicated to passive elements: spiritual, social, rest, and peace. It’s a great place to entertain, meditate, or just relax on the luxurious bed next to the fireplace. I have new age music playing on the TV, and the wood-tone built-in cabinets are great for all my grooming and storage needs. I think I see those bags under my eyes disappearing right now.

There is a handsome divider wall/head board behind me that separates this side from the active side of the room. This side is for quiet but the other side is meant for pure business - the business of fitness, work, and giving my tired body healthy food choices. 

I already feel so refreshed from the best workout I've had in a month using the beautiful high tech mirrored strength equipment which is an amenity in each room. I plugged my routine into my laptop, and jumped right in. No trips across the lobby to a workout space that's crammed into an old guest room. No screaming kids, no gawking creepers. Just me - in my own personal gym. In the active zone is a great built-in work area that I hope to take advantage of later, and a mini fridge stocked with great food choices. I’m not really going to miss that Snickers bar  and Bud Light with all of these fresh and healthy selections instead! Next time I’m back, this hotel is on my list - if I ever decide to leave, that is.  I think I’ll make myself a smoothie.

Jeanette's story is a familiar one, in both the frustration of the weary traveler and the opportunity to re-invent customer expectations.  OLC's wellness suite was designed with folks like Jeannette in mind, as well as our desire and dedication to designing spaces for healthy living in every industry.