InClubGOLF Programming Available for Clubs

InClubGOLF is a privately-held golf programming company based in Denver.  InClubGOLF provides golf programming services to the commercial athletic and fitness club industry. Programming services include instruction, practice, golf-focused fitness coaching and on-course play.  These services allow InClubGOLF members to learn, train, practice and play golf under the direction of a full-time PGA professional.

InClubGOLF features include:

   - Unlimited golf instruction for all ability levels -- beginner to expert, men and women, all ages.
   - Golf-related services include customized instruction, practice coaching, physical training and green grass play for a diverse population of dues-paying members.
   - The program is built around knowledge and appreciation for physical fitness as a key factor in the enjoyment of golf.
   - The PGA professional will be selected based on his or her love of golf, passion to grow the game, ability to teach all aspects of the game and play every week with InClubGOLF members.
   - Each studio has two fully-equipped, high-tech ball striking bays, each with a Trackman launch monitor, auto-ball retrieval/tee-up system, and full video analysis equipment.
   - The PGA professional offers knowledge of club-fitting, ball-fitting, video analysis, launch monitor interpretation and ability to manage a database of individual member goals and statistics.
- InClubGOLF functions as a “club-within-a-club” and is only available to facility members. The goal of the program is to make golf an enjoyable, social experience for players of all abilities.
- InClubGOLF is a full-time, four-season, year-round program.

InClubGOLF is state-of-the-art golf instruction, golf-focused fitness, practice with feedback, golf-centered socialization, and more – located within a health club setting and offered exclusively to health club members.

VISION - InClubGOLF will enlist existing Athletic Clubs and Fitness Centers as indoor player development platforms. We intend to use indoor facilities to generate interest in this wonderful outdoor game. We will deliver first-class, year-round skill development programs, for all levels of players, as an all-inclusive, membership-based "Golf Club-within-a-Club".

MISSION - Golf is a lifetime game. InClubGOLF seeks to make golf accessible and enjoyable to a wider audience of players through state-of-the-art indoor golf instruction, golf-focused indoor fitness training, user-friendly indoor practice with feedback, on-course outdoor play-with-the-pro opportunities and most importantly, golf-centered socialization, competition and fun… all as a "golf club-within-a-club" available exclusively to club members.

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