OLC Staff Promotions

Shady Moharrem named as a firm Principal.

 OLC named Shady Moharrem as a firm Principal.  Moharrem is the director of IT and Technology for OLC.  Shady has been with OLC for more than 10 years, starting in the Cairo office as a draftperson in 2003.  He moved to Denver with his family in 2008, and is now serving a dual role in architecture and technology.

"Shady Moharrem has been an essential part of OLC's growth by assisting our clients in tackling the incorporation of technology into recreation and fitness facilities like Half Acre Gym at the University of Wyoming.  He has also created a new revenue stream for the firm in designing virtual computer systems for our partner consultants," said OLC President Hervey Lavoie.  "He contributes to OLC's ability to tackle projects of any size and any function, both commercial and public.  We are pleased to continue to offer Shady's exceptional skills to our domestic and international clients."