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Post 3 - Why Medical Fitness?  The Benefits Are Compelling.



- Hervey Lavoie, F-MFA


Regular exercise and a healthy diet help fight many of the nation’s most prevalent chronic diseases: Heart Disease; Lung Conditions; Hypertension; Diabetes; and Arthritis. Introducing a medical fitness center to your market creates numerous benefits for the community, your employees and your institution:

Make money. A well-executed center will be self-supporting and generate retail revenues outside of normal reimbursement channels that can be used to support important non-profit programs for the hospital.

A destination for healthy living. A successful facility will become the community’s hub for wellness and healthy living. It will also contribute to a more productive workforce. Sixty percent (60%) of medical fitness members have never joined a commercial gym. A hospital’s credibility as a healthcare expert allows it to capture at-risk populations and become a high-profile contributor of health expertise in the local media.

An enhanced continuum of care. An integrated center will improve and expand your rehabilitative services, in turn increasing your staff’s abilities to care for their patients for the entire arc of recovery.

Potential for increased clinical revenue. With a medical fitness center, more people will be attracted to your organization’s other healthcare services. This influx of new customers increases market share, develops brand familiarity, and positions you as a preferred healthcare choice within the community.

Growth in patient and brand loyalty. A medical fitness center will enhance the public perception of your institution as a comprehensive healthcare provider, and increase referral patterns to your hospital.

Improve employee health. Up to 20% of a hospital’s employee base will join and use a medical fitness center, ultimately reducing employee healthcare costs.

Central base of operations. A medical fitness center can become a center for community outreach initiatives that support healthy lifestyles and impact the health habits of the non-member population.

Enhance physician recruitment. These facilities become attractive community amenities. As such, they are assets that offer measurable payback in the form of reduced staff turnover and improved recruitment.

Improved Patient Retention. Did you know that members of medical fitness facilities are 25% more likely to choose the affiliated hospital for their medical service provider than another medical facility they know of ?*

* Survey of Illinois-based medical fitness centers.  

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