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How to Ensure Air Quality at Indoor Aquatics Facilities

Indoor air quality is something that typically goes unnoticed — until it's bad. The reality of managing an indoor pool is that there is a high potential for the air to go very bad, resulting in a range of symptoms from moderate to severe: itchy skin, rashes, chlorine burns, eye irritation, coughing and even voice…
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The Medical Fitness Imperative – Post 9

Post 9 - Financing THE MEDICAL FITNESS IMPERATIVE AN IN-DEPTH SERIES ABOUT THE HOWS AND WHYS OF MEDICALLY-BASED FITNESS AND WELLNESS   - Hervey Lavoie, F-MFA   Medical fitness centers are a capital intensive real estate investment.  "All-in" project costs, including land, construction hard costs, equipment & furnishings, development soft costs and operating capital reserve,…
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