• Chelsea Health and Wellness Center

    Chelsea Health and Wellness Center

    Located on the Chelsea Community Hospital campus, The Chelsea Health and Wellness Center was designed to address a number of…

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  • Trails Recreation Center<br><br>

    Trails Recreation Center

    Upon entry, customers are welcomed by a sunlit atrium structured with wood trusses and planks, and are treated to an…

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  • Robert Taylor Community Center

    Robert Taylor Community Center

    Master planning and full architectural design services for a new recreation center featuring a gymnasium, climbing wall, indoor running track,…

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  • Laramie Recreation Center<br><br>

    Laramie Recreation Center

    It's a magnificent facility design that reflects the Wyoming landscape.  Multi-use areas like the lazy river and open gym increase…

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  • Infinity Park<br><br>

    Infinity Park

    The Village of Glendale has completely revitalized their city center by creating a 5,000 seat rugby pitch and stadium bookended…

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  • Glenwood Springs Community Center

    Glenwood Springs Community Center

    The design, shape, and positioning of the Glenwood Springs Community Center have been carefully placed between the highway and the…

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  • Stone Creek Athletic Club & Spa<br><br>

    Stone Creek Athletic Club & Spa

    Stone Creek Athletic Club embodies a modern, minimalist design with a timeless elegance and upscale look.  The 2-story floor-to-ceiling window…

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  • VillaSport Athletic Club & Spa<br><br>

    VillaSport Athletic Club & Spa

    This warm and inviting club is sure to impress any fitness enthusiast and have you eager to return time and…

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  • Lakeshore Athletic Club – Flatiron<br><br>

    Lakeshore Athletic Club – Flatiron

    This is truly a first of its kind facility for the Rocky Mountain region.  Unique features include: a regulation NBA…

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