• Cascade Gardens Hotel and Resort

    Cascade Gardens Hotel and Resort

    OLC has completed design services for a full-service hotel located on the North Coast of Egypt, west of Alexandria in…

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  • Marina Residential R-3 <br><br>

    Marina Residential R-3

    As a part of Mega development “Marrasi” by Emaar in the North Coast of Egypt Marina Residence is 105,000 sq.m…

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  • <br>The Tower <br><br>

    The Tower

    17- Story office building with 4 levels of underground parking as well as a commercial conference facility located on the…

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  • Dream Land Mall <br><br>

    Dream Land Mall

    Renovation and addition to existing shopping mall to include food court, restaurants, hyper market, 13 movie theatres, and shops. Lead…

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  • Dobyo Plaza Mixed Use Building<br><br>

    Dobyo Plaza Mixed Use Building

    This mixed use building located very close to Mobara City Hall and is destined to become a landmark in the…

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  • Billboard Building<br><br>

    Billboard Building

    This narrow, dramatic, five-story mixed-use steel structure houses retail tenant space on the first two floors, office space on the…

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  • Sweetwater County Child Development Center

    Sweetwater County Child Development Cent

    Sweetwater County is home to 10,500 square miles of pure, high desert adventure.  Also home to Sweetwater is the new…

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  • Hoshino Gakuen Harmony Hall <br><br>

    Hoshino Gakuen Harmony Hall

    Hoshino Gakuen is a well established private middle/ high school in Kawagoe City, Japan.  Hoshino Harmony Hall was designed to…

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  • Holy Haram<br><br>

    Holy Haram

    With the number of pilgrims to Mecca increasing every year, it has been important to find ways to accommodate visitors. …

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