Athletic Clubs

  • CWC Omiya Miyahara<br><br>

    CWC Omiya Miyahara

    45,000 square feet, 3-story full scale fitness club featuring an aquatic area with a 25 meter, 6-lane and 20 meter,…

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  • CWT Nishiarai<br><br>

    CWT Nishiarai

    Three different types of facilities were integrated into this 80,000 square foot building.  There is a full-scale fitness center and…

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  • CWT Seijyo

    CWT Seijyo

    Central Wellness Town Seijyo is located in a residential area.  The first floor is a popular clothing store and the…

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  • Fitness & Spa Maghreb<br><br>

    Fitness & Spa Maghreb

    Fitness & Spa Maghreb is a 4,900 square meter facility that was remodeled and expanded using the country's highest seismic…

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  • Jexer Higashi Kanagawa<br><br>

    Jexer Higashi Kanagawa

    Located in a busy transit area, this 33,000 square foot facility is frequently and easily visited by students and commuters…

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  • Jexer Ikebukuro Metropolitan<br><br>

    Jexer Ikebukuro Metropolitan

    This 20,000 square foot facility is located on the third and fourth floors of a metropolitan hotel.  The upgrades included…

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  • Jexer Musashi Koganei<br><br>

    Jexer Musashi Koganei

    This 4,050 square foot facility takes group exercise to the next level by creating large, open studios equipped to offer…

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  • NAS Shibaura<br><br>

    NAS Shibaura

    Built in a new development area with high end, high-rise buildings, this exquisite 30,000 square foot facility fits right in. …

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  • Osso Minamisuna<br><br>

    Osso Minamisuna

    Originally open in 2000, Osso Minamisuna was remodeled to compete with newer fitness clubs opening nearby.  The design concept needed…

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