• Washtenaw Community College Health & Fitness Center

    Washtenaw Community College Health &

    LEED Gold certified building has amenities including group exercise rooms offer yoga, Pilates, spinning, strength and conditioning classes.  The center…

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  • University of Idaho Student Recreation Center

    University of Idaho Student Recreation C

    The University of Idaho was looking to create a landmark and focal point for the entire student community.  This provided…

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  • Trinity Christian College Student Recreation Center

    Trinity Christian College Student Recrea

    AMDG Architects hired OLC as the recreation consultant to design, with Trinity, a new athletics and recreation center built around…

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  • Prairie State College Health and Wellness Institute

    Prairie State College Health and Wellnes

    The success of this facility lies in its ability to serve the fitness demands of the student body while responding…

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  • Trails Recreation Center<br><br>

    Trails Recreation Center

    Upon entry, customers are welcomed by a sunlit atrium structured with wood trusses and planks, and are treated to an…

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  • Robert Taylor Community Center

    Robert Taylor Community Center

    Master planning and full architectural design services for a new recreation center featuring a gymnasium, climbing wall, indoor running track,…

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  • Laramie Recreation Center<br><br>

    Laramie Recreation Center

    It's a magnificent facility design that reflects the Wyoming landscape.  Multi-use areas like the lazy river and open gym increase…

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  • Infinity Park<br><br>

    Infinity Park

    The Village of Glendale has completely revitalized their city center by creating a 5,000 seat rugby pitch and stadium bookended…

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  • Glenwood Springs Community Center

    Glenwood Springs Community Center

    The design, shape, and positioning of the Glenwood Springs Community Center have been carefully placed between the highway and the…

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