Portfolio Category: Athletic Clubs

Jexer Musashi Koganei

This 4,050 square foot facility takes group exercise to the next level by creating large, open studios equipped to offer a wide variety of group exercise classes including hot yoga.  Members can then relax and refresh themselves in the luxurious locker rooms. Lead Office: Tokyo, Japan
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NAS Shibaura

Built in a new development area with high end, high-rise buildings, this exquisite 30,000 square foot facility fits right in.  It treats members to a resort style atmosphere and a cozy day spa while giving them a facility in which they can exercise or just relax. Lead Office: Tokyo, Japan
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Osso Minamisuna

Originally open in 2000, Osso Minamisuna was remodeled to compete with newer fitness clubs opening nearby.  The design concept needed an overhaul in order to retain and attract members.  OLC focused on the design and function of the reception, lounge, and store and also created a sales area.  The strategy succeeded in further developing Osso's…
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