The Campbell County Parks and Recreation Department had the privilege of working with Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative on the design and construction of our $53,000,000 Recreation Center in Gillette, Wyoming. From the start, our team was impressed with their attention to detail and commitment to our community’s suggestions and needs during the design process. Anything can look good on paper, but what about functionality and feel of the building once completed? This is where Bob McDonald and Dave Sprague, two seasoned professionals really came through. Their understandings of our ideas for the facility were implemented and have worked our extremely well.


From an operational standpoint, our emphasis was to make the facility user friendly, establish an open space concept and use every possible inch of the facility with no wasted space. Mission accomplished. The OLC team was very cognizant of what we wanted and delivered in understanding the end user experience. Additionally, the facility has tremendous visitor appeal aesthetically. The colors and assortment of varying materials makes it a very comfortable environment for patrons participating in programs or spectators watching an event. They want to come back.


If you are considering Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative for your project I can tell you from personal experience you will be impressed with their knowledge, commitment to provide what the owner desires and work with you every step of the way through and after completion of the project. OLC knows how to please their customer.


- David McCormick, Director of Parks and Recreation