It is my pleasure to write a letter recognizing the partnership the City of Glendale and OLC have formed over the past few years. Our Infinity Park Project in Glendale has been the most ambitious project our city has ever undertaken. Indeed, it would be a big project for any city! The combination of Rugby Stadium, Recreation Center, Convention Center, 8-acre Park and improvements to the existing buildings on the City Hall campus represents a 40 million dollar investment in our future. The area will serve as a "Central Park" for Glendale and set the stage for additional re-development throughout the city.


How could we have built this project without you? OLC has provided expertise in
a number of areas, most importantly: master planning, architecture, interior
design and project management. We have grown to rely on OLC's leadership skills, accurate documents and proficiency with cost and schedule control. Through the years of working together, camaraderie has been built among the working members of the design team - a team that Turner construction calls, "one of the best working groups we've ever been a part of." You and your staff have shown tremendous ability to be creative in finding solutions, respond to questions and issues, and just as importantly, listen! There have been several occasions when the City has trusted OLC to act as an advocate on our behalf - surely there will be more. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and we all look forward to continuing our relationship. OLC has played a big role in shaping the destiny of Glendale's future, and for that we will always be grateful.


-Larry Harte, Former Mayor