The selection of OLC was the best decision we made. They gave us their well thought-out opinions on a variety of planning issues, instead of simply telling us what we wanted to hear. OLC encouraged, and finally convinced us, to build the right sized facility to fully accommodate our outpatient rehab services and fitness club membership. It ended up being 75,300 square feet facility, about 12,000sq.ft larger than originally planned. Now the facility is open and serving over 8,000 members. Good Shepherd Health System is thrilled to have listened to OLC’s advice! Throughout the programming and design process, we felt that OLC consistently came to the table with fresh and innovative ideas. Never once did we feel like we were getting a modified version of another facility. The leadership and quality of work from OLC is unsurpassed and the result is an outstanding wellness facility that combines health education, rehabilitation and fitness. I recommend them without hesitation as great designers who really care about their clients.


-Syed Ali, Former Director of Plant Operations and Construction