OLC and Hervey Lavoie have worked on many Wellbridge-owned clubs over the years, and they are, without a doubt, the best overall team to have on board when designing any kind of athletic facility. Their excellence in designing beautiful, functional clubs is unbeatable. Because of their nationwide athletic club experience, they have an intimate knowledge of industry practices and anchoring onto key design points that make the difference between a so-so member experience, and an outstanding one. The flow and functionality of our OLC-designed clubs combined with their excellent interior design has given Wellbridge several “showcase” facilities, all of them with powerful membership numbers.


Their commitment to us as their client and to our agenda has been unwavering, and has resulted in countless satisfied members in many successful clubs around the country. Trying to work with any other firm besides OLC has been an exercise in frustration and a poor working relationship between Wellbridge and the architect. The thing that Hervey and OLC do so much better than other architects is listen. If you’ve ever worked with a typical architect, you often get the feeling that they don’t really hear you. This is definitely not true with OLC. After meeting Hervey, or with anyone at OLC, you know assuredly that your club’s needs and goals will be translated into the design. That trust is why Wellbridge has utilized OLC again and again to design its clubs.


I would recommend OLC, without a moment’s hesitation, for any athletic club design work, new and retrofitted, interior and exterior, small or large. Please feel free to contact me if you need any further clarification of OLC’s credentials.


- Ed Williams, President