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Be Well

While we are healthy, we strive to Be Well. The Athletic Clubs, Medical Fitness Centers and Recreation Centers that we design inspire exercise, encourage social connections, and bolster self esteem. People can tell the difference from the moment they arrive on site, to when they walk through the front door, to when they arrive at their destination. No opportunity to integrate medical treatment with exercise goes unnoticed. We understand the business. We get the experience. We know the challenge that hard workouts present.

Get Well

When we are sick or injured, we strive to Get Well. Getting well isn’t always easy, but at least the architecture of Healthcare should deliver a positive experience. We’ve cast away the long maze of corridors lit with green fluorescent lighting. We’ve buried the concept of the cramped and crowded waiting room. Our revolutionary Healthcare environments not only function well, they are designed to get people well. It all starts with the mindset that the built environment should help the healing process.

Stay Well

When we are exploring the world around us, we strive to Stay Well. The world of Hospitality is a highly competitive and rapidly adaptive business. We understand the need to constantly upgrade to durable and elegant solutions that are both extremely attractive and easy to maintain. We have the ability to capture your vision in three-dimensional space and create that new reality you’ve been dreaming about. Stay in an OLC-designed hotel, and stay well.

bowling alley

Live Well

When we are living, we strive to Live Well. If you’re looking to splash around, cool off on a hot summer’s day, and tire out the kids while you’re at it, we get it. If you’re going to class, to the office, to the grocery store or to wash the car, we get it. Whether it’s a bite to eat, a bit of shopping or a night on the town that you have in mind, we’ve got that covered. Even when it’s time to head home, kick off your shoes and relax, OLC is designing the most innovative healthy communities on the planet. We’d love to see you here.

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