IT Administrator

Ahmed graduated in 2002 as a Computer Engineer. He has been working as an IT administrator at OLC’s Cairo branch since 2008. He holds international certifications in system engineering, including Oracle, MCITP, and CCNA. In the near future, he is aspiring to obtain a certification in cybersecurity. Ahmed has a strong interest in networking and has actively contributed to the development of the work environment system since his appointment. Continuously, he strives to find quick solutions to any work environment-related issues to optimize the performance of the entire team, encompassing both software and hardware aspects. He is dedicated to enhancing efficiency, developing software used in the workplace, and addressing any IT-related aspects.


Computer Engineer


I have various hobbies, such as traveling and exploring new places. I am particularly passionate about sports, including going to the gym.

Fun Facts

I am a professional table tennis player participating in the Egyptian league.