Well and Good Newsletter 2023 – Quarter 2

Well and Good Newsletter 2023 – Quarter 2


Dear Friends,

It’s summertime and OLC is excited to celebrate our 62nd anniversary! Check out our OLC anniversary video at the bottom of this newsletter! I hope you all are enjoying the weather and getting out to do your favorite summer activities. If you enjoy swimming, there is likely an OLC-designed pool near you. Check out our website for locations!

It’s been a busy spring of travel and networking for us. Brian Beckler and I just returned from the 2023 Parks and Recreation Summit in Orlando where we met directors from across the country. We’re always so moved by the dedication and passion of the parks and recreation industry. I also attended the Global Wellness Institute’s Wellness Real Estate Symposium in Manhattan, NY. There is tremendous excitement about this developing sector, and we’re looking forward to being part of it.

In June, Hervey and Sam attended the 2023 Medical Fitness Western Summit in New Palestine, IN. The event was held at the Hancock Wellness Center: a project recently completed by OLC. We are thrilled that our project was showcased at this exciting event.

In project news, OLC was recently awarded On-Call Services contracts with the City and County of Denver and the City of Arvada, both in Colorado. Our Denver office folks are excited to work for our hometown municipalities!

We wish all of you a happy summer, filled with family and fun! Stay safe and sunburn-free.

Be Well,

Robert McDonald, CEO

& Everyone at OLC



From left to right: Natalie Mediate, Tania Parada, and Brenda Amsberry

What is your Favorite Design Style? 

Brenda: I find it important to include elements of stone, metal, wood, and natural light, and a variety of textures to create a multi-layered environment that enhances the mood of the person in the space.

Natalie: Modern, with the ability to add custom art incorporated into the architectural design. I personally love all styles of design, when given the ability to refine and create a unique environment.

Tania: Eclectic minimalism with art deco influences. But I love most design styles when they are executed thoughtfully, taking into account the location and user of the space.

What’s Your Favorite Part of the Job? 

Brenda: I would just say that the best part about my job is to create environments where people feel comfortable and can enjoy themselves. It is awesome to see the space being used once it is completed. It is the fact that I can improve other people’s experiences in life through these environments that is very satisfying.

Natalie: Creating something that inspires others.

Tania: Creating concepts.

What’s Your Favorite Place to Find Inspiration? 

Brenda: Looking at new products that come out that get me out of my current way of thinking.

Natalie: Nature, travel, cultures all over the world, fashion, and art.

Tania: Travel, movies, fashion, and architecture awards.

What’s Your Dream Project? 

Brenda: My dream project is one in which our client allows us to do our work and doesn’t micromanage what we are creating. Most of the time this results in an amazing product that everyone enjoys.

Natalie: When the design team and the client are able to collaborate together with open minds, they create a platform for a special and unique design specific to that use and need. This allows our design team to bring new solutions to the table and an open platform to evolve into something new and unique. All while maintaining the needs of the client and in turn allowing for the space to be inspiring to the people that enjoy it.

Tania: Island Luxury Resort. But I’m with Brenda on this one! Any project can be a dream project when working with a dream client who understands the importance of the design process.











Glenwood Springs, CO

OLC has been entrusted to provide interior design services for the renovation of 107 guestrooms and suites at the historic Glenwood Hot Springs Resort. The $3 million renovation will update the room décor and bathrooms with brighter, lighter colors, integrated bathroom lighting, and plush tactile materials and fabrics. The furnishings will have a modern farm house meets Victorian design which is teamed with faux hardwood floors, plush area rugs, and modern amenities. Working closely with the resort to provide a more spa like experience, OLC has created an authentic, cohesive and functional design which enhances the guest experience.


Denver, CO

The new guestroom towers of the DoubleTree by Hilton, Denver will reflect the vibrant, yet serene spirit of Denver, Colorado. Natural colors and textures will be combined with authentic materials and timeless forms to create guestrooms that welcome relaxation. A hit of surprising, yet subtle details spark an enchanting space for guests to enjoy.  There will be 27 different guestroom and suite types, all of which will have an accessible version available to the guest.  The guest tower will be a sensory delight of classic designs paired with modern twists. The design concept combines the color palette of nature, rich textures and modern, sophisticated accents.

On June 20th, OLC had the pleasure of attending the groundbreaking for the Meyers Pool Replacement in Arvada, Colorado. The OLC team has been working hard on the design of this pool, and we’re confident that it will be a beautiful and functional space!


Check out Athletic Business’ 2023 Architectural Showcase Digital Experience, which featured OLC’s architectural, design, and aquatics services for the Margaret Carpenter Recreation Center!

Athletic Business’ 2023 Architectural Showcase


Currently, the sport of pickleball is exploding in popularity. There are now nearly 8,500 locations on the USA Pickleball’s Places2Play map. The spread of the sport is attributed to its popularity within community centers, PE classes, YMCA facilities, and retirement communities. Staying up to date on industry trends can help facility managers design new and improved pickleball centers that will attract new members. Click on the link below to read about the top trends in pickleball facility design.

From Courts to Programming: Creating an Ideal Pickleball Experience

OLC’s 62nd Anniversary

Join us in celebrating and reflecting on 62 years of architectural excellence at OLC! 🎉

We asked Hervey & Bob to reminisce on the past 62 years and here’s what they had to say:

“I missed the first 13 years, but I can say that the next 49 years gave fulfillment to a young man’s dream that began taking shape in Pontiac, Michigan as he started high school in 1961.” – Hervey Lavoie, OLC President

“Sixty-two years as the company is a remarkable achievement, and demonstrates the commitment and dedication to providing outstanding design services to our clients. This has been and will always be a driving force behind our success, and we’re grateful for the unwavering dedication, leadership, and contributions our people have made over the years that have kept this company thriving.” – Robert McDonald, OLC CEO

Thank you to all our clients, partners, and team members who have been a part of this incredible journey. Here’s to many more years of designing dreams!



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