Senior Principal

In Brian’s role as Senior Principal and Lead Designer, he is responsible for all phases of project management and construction administration for hospitality, healthcare, aquatic, recreation, university and commercial projects. He also plays an integral part in the firm’s marketing and business development efforts.


Brian has a unique ability to recognize the needs of the client and translate them into a synergistic design that represents the client’s values, goals and objectives. Some of his favorite projects include the University of Idaho’s Student Recreation Center and the West River Community Center in Dickinson, North Dakota.


Boston University, London Internship Program

University of Idaho, Bachelor of Architecture


I am a climbing savant, Tai Chi master, expert marksman and runner dude.

Fun Facts

I am a dog whisperer, auto opera, and can order lunch in fluent Thai.

I was named to the DPS (Denver Public Schools) All-Century Soccer Team, and I bluffed an Oscar Winning Actor.