Knife & Board Restaurant

DoubleTree by Hilton – Denver
DoubleTree - Denver DoubleTree - Denver DoubleTree - Denver DoubleTree - Denver DoubleTree - Denver

Denver, CO

Hospitality, STAY WELL
About This Project

OLC served as the Architect/Interior Design Consultant on this DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Denver. The unique environment created by the low lying meadow with a slow stream, the quake of aspen tree canopies above a soft, flat grassland, fostering a quieting of the soul. This is the guest experience in Knife & Board restaurant. In keeping with the natural décor, the restaurant will be filled with a soft buzz of content diners, surrounded by local music changing with the time of day. Service is Colorado friendly, with a welcome smile, and non rushed demeanor. The menu features a healthy offering of locally sourced produce and grass-fed meats. Menu options change seasonally with unique Hilton Chef inspired offerings which range from the wild to the civilized. Locally inspired pizzas and breakfast calzones emit mouth watering aromas from the visible pizza hearth.