Lake Nona Center for Integrated Wellbeing - OLC
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Lake Nona Center for Integrated Wellbeing


Lake Nona, FL

Commercial, GET WELL, Healthcare, LIVE WELL, Retail, Wellness
About This Project

The Lake Nona Center for Integrated Wellbeing is the inspirational heart of a new 3000-acre mixed use Community being created south and west of the Orlando, Florida airport by Tavistock Development and Signet Real Estate of Akron, Ohio.  The Center for Integrated Wellbeing is the seamless integration of the 130,000 sf 3-story Lake Nona Performance Club and a 120,000 sf 5-story Medical Office Building. The project will set a new standard for population health and is sited at a high-profile corner of the New Town Center for Lake Nona.  This unique, unprecedented architectural statement will serve as the wellness headquarters for a ground-up, master-planned development of housing, retail, corporate headquarters, entertainment, dining, education, hospitality and healthcare destined to be known as the healthiest community in America.


“Integrated Wellness Partners is excited to be working with OLC+DW, the top wellness architects in the nation, as we bring a new era of health and well-being to the Lake Nona community.” – Jim Ellis, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Integrated Wellness Partners