Newtown Athletic Club - OLC
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Newtown Athletic Club

Newtown Athletic club exterior Outdoor water park indoor field lobby

Newtown, PA

BE WELL, Recreation
About This Project

Newtown Athletic Club began as a small racquetball and fitness center but has expanded into a nationally recognized full-service family athletic club.  OLC has been responsible for several renovation projects.


OLC is now providing multi-phase master planning services for a 140,000 sf, 30-year-old club that is embarking on a 3-year, $15 million expansion/renovation project that will ultimately include development of design and construction documentation packages for every component of the facility.  There will be group studios for aerobics, yoga, spinning, barre, pilates and dance, fitness floors, functional training, aquatics, spa, salon, gymnasium, indoor track, locker rooms, childcare, food service and support facilities.