Transformation Tuesday

Covenant Health Lifestyle Centre
Training area

Transformation Tuesday

Before and after photos of  the renovated Covenant Health Lifestyle Centre.

This $8.2 million, 35,000 sf renovation included a complete update of the Lobby and Administrative areas; locker and finishes replacement in the Locker Rooms; and an overhaul of the Clinical Uses including Physical Therapy, Cardiac Rehab and Health Education programs. The Fitness uses were upgraded as well with new flooring, ceilings, and equipment, including a 3,000 sf Functional Training Gym expansion onto the existing roof-top facility. Through collaboration with Covenant Health and E4H Architecture, the OLC team was able to completely rejuvenate this well-loved facility in the heart of Lubbock.

“Seeing the plans OLC had for the renovation, we were already impressed,” Executive Director Tommy Parrish said. “Once the job was complete, well, it turned out better than we could have hoped for. We are proud of our facility and can’t thank OLC enough for their help.”


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