Trends in Multipurpose Facilities

Aiming for Versatility

Trends in Multipurpose Facilities

By Deborah L. Vence

Multipurpose recreation facilities offer a little something for everyone. Exercise classes for fitness buffs, water therapy for seniors, sports such as basketball and soccer for youth, and even a library for reading enthusiasts.

Over time, multipurpose facilities have grown in popularity, with design elements continuing to expand. You can often find exercise components, health screening, nutrition programs and social spaces in one facility.

Many interesting trends are emerging in multipurpose facility design today.

“With wellness, we’re seeing more communities and colleges create recreation buildings that address wellness on all fronts: physical, mental, emotional, preventive health, etc.,” said Colleen McKenna, principal, leader of CannonDesign Sports Practice.

“Where recreation buildings of the past may have been predominantly about spaces for weights, cardio and a gymnasium area, today’s recreation centers can include areas for counseling, health screening, demonstration kitchens, nutrition education and much, much more,” she said. “This is exciting for architects and designers, but also important as it translates to healthier individuals, families and communities. I anticipate even further integration of health, recreation and wellness in the years ahead.”

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Article from Recreation Management.