Well and Good Newsletter 2024 – Quarter 1

Well and Good Newsletter 2024 – Quarter 1


Hello Friends!

I hope this message finds you in good spirits. 😊

I’m thrilled to share some exciting updates from OLC as we kick off 2024! 🎉 Recently, I had the pleasure of participating in the 2024 Build-A-Pool Conference in Reno, where we connected with both familiar faces and new acquaintances.

Our Senior Principal, Donaldo Visani, and the Director of OLC Japan, Kosho Sasaki, just returned from the 2024 IHRSA International Convention and Trade Show in Los Angeles. Their experiences were enriching, and they brought back valuable insights.

OLC has supported IHRSA for over 30 years. Initially, IHRSA stood for the International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association.  As of March 6, 2024, IHRSA is rebranding as the Health & Fitness Association.

Looking ahead, Brian Beckler and I are gearing up for the Parks and Recreation Summit in Arizona at the end of April.

But that’s not all! We’re working on several new projects:

  1. Our interiors team is hard at work on The Majestic Hotel. Expect stunning designs and thoughtful spaces!
  2. The Denver office proudly secured the Montrose Field House Master Plan — a fantastic opportunity to shape recreational spaces — as well as the Boulder Country Club — an outdoor pool and athletic center master plan. 
  3. In Orlando, we’re eagerly anticipating the outcomes of our new Tampa On-Call Contract. Exciting times lie ahead!

As spring approaches, my thoughts turn toward the path that awaits us—for ourselves, our dear friends, our valued clients, and our cherished families. May we continue to prioritize safety and well-being, and wholeheartedly embrace this shared journey! 🌸🌿

Be Well,

Robert McDonald, CEO, Senior Principal

& Everyone at OLC



Victoria Greiner

A little about Victoria…

Can you share a brief overview of your role in the company and how long you’ve been with us?
I currently hold the position of Marketing & Business Development Coordinator at OLC, where I have been contributing for 2 years. In this role, I handle a diverse range of responsibilities, including developing marketing materials, managing our online presence, and coordinating proposals and client presentations to promote our firm’s services, projects, and expertise.

My weekly tasks encompass managing our website and social media platforms, sending out e-blasts, creating proposals, qualification packages, brochures, ads, and presentations, and organizing events in our office and for industry conferences. A significant part of my job involves playing a key role in proposal development, collaborating with Jodi and our team to craft clear, appealing, and compelling materials.

What do you enjoy most about your current role?
Being a part of OLC for the past 2 years has been an amazing journey. The immense opportunities for growth, learning, and collaboration have been incredible. I love working with our intelligent, funny, and caring OLC team. Additionally, the competitive nature of both my role and the industry has been particularly stimulating and enjoyable.

What are the most significant marketing challenges you face in the AEC industry, and how do you address them?
One of the significant marketing challenges I face in the AEC industry is navigating the digital landscape. We are continuously refining our digital marketing efforts, from creating appealing, clear, relative content to engaging with clients and industry peers on social media. By producing valuable content, such as industry insights, project stories, and thought leadership articles, we aim to position our firm as a trusted knowledgeable resource.

Another challenge is differentiating our services in a competitive market. To stand out from firms boasting similar qualifications and project portfolios we leverage our unique strengths and successes through numbers and storytelling. We share experiences and testimonials that highlight our innovative solutions and the positive impacts of our projects on communities and clients. This approach not only showcases our technical capabilities but also humanizes our brand, connecting on a more personal level.

What piece of advice would you give to someone just starting out in marketing?

Venturing into marketing is an exciting journey! It has a fusion of creative thinking, strategic planning and more. A piece of advice would be to develop an understanding of your intended audience. Understand their likes, challenges, and goals. Connecting with your audience on a deeper level not only shapes your marketing approaches but also enhances your communication to be more impactful.

Additionally, I would say flexibility and a commitment to ongoing learning are essential in a constantly changing field like marketing. With the fast pace at which trends, platforms, and preferences shift, embracing innovation and continuously honing your skills will ensure you remain competitive.

One last thing – have fun with it! 😊


Palm Beach County, Florida







This interim housing and resource center for the homeless in Palm Beach County will provide a 90-day transition where they assist in obtaining employment, advice as to where to get an education, find apartments to rent or share rent and even provide them with basic furniture. The basic program includes offices for counseling and receiving the homeless, dining and a community hall. There are 60 bedrooms, each with a bed, wardrobe, and desk. These bedrooms are grouped in pods for men, women, families, and male and female youth. There will also be three private bedrooms for couples and 14 beds for transitional drop-off for those who stay for 30 days.

Arvada Aquatics Center

The OLC team took a trip out to the Arvada Aquatics Center construction site to participate in the Joist Signing and Topping Out Celebration. Check out the full video of the Arvada Aquatics Center Roof Installation below!

Watch Now







Frisco, Colorado

Frisco Slopeside Hall construction is well under way!

Slopeside Hall will be a multi-use educational and assembly venue positioned at the base of the Tubing and Skiing Hill at the Peninsula Recreation Area outside of the Town of Frisco.  It will be home to Fun Club, the Town’s after school and summer day camp program.  Outside of Fun Club hours, the multi-purpose rooms will be used for community meetings or banquet space.  Town of Frisco Parks and Recreation administrative offices will be housed on the second floor, serving as a central hub for managing all operations on the Frisco Peninsula.



Timbaland — A Powerful New Frequency in Wellness Music

Timbaland, a.k.a. Tim Mosley, shares the story of his transformative journey from a street-smart DJ to the heights of the music world through health challenges, addiction, and a profound awakening to wellness and music’s healing power.

Listen Now

Song of the Season

Look at the Sky – Porter Robinson

Check out this upbeat tune by Porter Robinson to kick off your spring!

Listen Now


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