LCSD1 East High School Pool


Cheyenne, WY

Aquatics, BE WELL
About This Project

OLC and Counsilman-Hunsaker joined forces with Cheyenne firm, Tobin & Associates, to provide architectural design and construction services for the replacement of the existing swimming pool at East High School for Laramie County School District 1. The current pool was well over 50 years old, with only six swim lanes and numerous deficiencies in design and condition. The pool roof structure is too low, the pool tub is too shallow, the pool shell and deck are past their service life, ADA access is inadequate, spectator seating is insufficient, and there is little space for swim team members. The new facility is to the north of the current main gymnasium, capable of being secured separately from the rest of the school, and function independently as a stand-alone facility. The $16 M facility is 32,700 sf, and the new pool includes a 75’ x 120’ stretch with 10 swim lanes and a movable bulkhead; restrooms, shower and locker rooms, mechanical equipment room, pool equipment storage room, spectator seating, and competitor seating areas, and an administrative office and custodial room. The design takes advantage of the sloping site, with an upper level entry at the top of the bleacher seating, and the pool constructed on the level below. Great views of the natural terrain to the north and east will be captured as well as predominant visibility of the main entry from the west.