Widefield School District 3

Feasibility Study
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Fountain, CO

BE WELL, Recreation
About This Project

Solutions for the most unlikely partners are our specialty.  Five distinct partners came together to conduct a study on how best to meet the growing recreational needs of Southern El Paso County, Colorado.  Each of the Partners had common needs, but also had some history of competition.  There was an agreement in the Study Mission Statement that all Parties would subordinate their own special interests to the greater good of the service area.


One of the keys to keeping everyone happy was determining an appropriate site that would be acceptable to all. The team used a non-biased, custom-tailored matrix which served well in the two-step process, first reducing the number of sites from 32 to 14, and then narrowing them down to 2 final contenders.  From the final two options, the team created two site ‘test fit’ plans which determined each option would prove to be viable.  This kind of non-biased approach results in buy in from all the parties and makes former competitors into allies in the quest to serve the recreational needs of the entire population.